Blue Dreams

Blue Dreams

One always wonders how colours suddenly develop everywhere at the same time. For Spring/Summer 2024, there was a 'lagoon' theme in most colour cards which was, however, overtaken by the dominance of warm spicy shades and the arrival of brights and pastels. But now BOOM - cold colours are impressing on the catwalks, including an arrival of blues and greys.

After watching the live stream of the Dior show, I was aware of how we are being sucked into the influence of the metaverse and artificial intelligence. The psychedelic decor of the show by Portugese artist Joana Vasconcelos largely overshadowed the revamps of the Dior past. Avatars in imaginary universes, isolated from the ills of this world.

Fashion in a future role to make us just beautiful or comfortable. We become the extras in a new digital fantasy world. Only Gen Z designers dare to look outside the box with their recycled scraps and scream ‘look at us’. Luxury brands talk about slowing down, quality and longevity of garments. The eco message of the very successful Avatar 2 prepares us for another world in dreamy feelings of blue, green and aqua. 

The dark cool colours that are part of the Autumn/Winter 2024-25 colour cards prepare for calm haziness that works so well in blue tones, knits and surface interest. It is difficult to see that colour range without an obvious move upmarket. A trend we witnessed at the Salon de la Lingerie by all the leading French brands was choosing black as their main focus, and a remarkable arrival of deep Klein blue.

The Concepts Paris team is now focussing on what blues can do apart from being a denim colour. We love the powder blue with a hint of lilac for textural effects like quilting, chenille and fake fur. Blue is a colour that needs textures like soft sweater knits, ideal to break the beige/camel cycle in loungewear. Until recently, we did not get a feeling for powder blue lace - but saying that, what about the ruffly Kawaii movement in Gen Z lingerie? We are excited to see this blue boom develop.


By Jos Berry