Analysing Colours and Textures

Analysing Colours and Textures

Different shades of blue start to catch our attention, especially when there is a link with special dyeing and texture effects, to play with a more domestic and sporty blue impact. There is a lot of focus on real indigo, and the element of artisanal. In this content, the exhibition Unravel: The Power and Politics of Textiles in Art in London Barbican highlights the social aspect of craft and the position of women in society.



At Première Vision, it was quite clear that a lot of fabric developers are reaching higher levels with forms and functions of garments. We saw a lot of surface textures with amazing lightness; most of them are organic patterns, and this trend also connects with form experience like Iris van Herpen in the successful exhibition in Paris, and avant garde Japanese designer Noir Kei Ninomiya who draws attention with their shapes and textures. Developments which inspire lace and embroidery designs.



It is a season of trend and counter-trend. In the most innovative catwalk in London, we see lingerie looks with rustic effects such as highly noticeable Dilara Findikoglu, a Turkish designer based in London. They illustrate that in the remarkable fashion evolution of today, the international influences on catwalk design have an impact on commercial fast fashion collections, announcing a very rich fashion landscape of Gen Z.



The influence of yellow and copper tones allows completely new colour combinations. We noticed this especially in a mix of earthy shades and more feminine pastel tones. The influence of brown is growing enormously, especially for accessories and decorations, where we see natural materials and resin dominating. Keep an eye on this trend for resort, swimwear and beachwear.



Green remains the most perfect illustration of today; the vegetable movements from natural dye to cosmetics to wellness products, and the enormous interest in eating fresh greens. Green as a fashion colour, however, is less obvious, with the exception of soft mint green which is very popular. We love the reference to algae shades in the Gucci collection, layering with lace and transparent fabrics. Green is also excellent as an accent colour for accessories.