Founder and Creative Director

With over 30 years experience, Jos Berry’s career includes all aspects from product innovation to brand development and merchandising, she is very well known as the creative force behind the Interfilière Trend Forums and as the previous Creative Director of Triumph International.

Key to Jos’s career is her deep interest in the socioeconomic developments of women. After an art focused education, Jos trained as a beautician and became involved in seminar programmes about the role of beauty & fashion in the empowerment of women. Then, as a textile trade journalist, she researched the changing lingerie buying attitudes of women after the 1960s which had direct consequences in retail developments. As a consultant of the management of Hunkemöller, and later of the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, she became a pioneer in liberating lingerie from social and cultural stereotypes.

As a consultant for Cacique in the 1990s, together with Terry Fischer-Meichner and Kim Omea, she was involved in creating the T-shirt bra. With her Concepts Paris team, they won worldwide recognition for Atelier Lingerie, a concept store on the Salon International de la Lingerie aimed at breaking open product segmentation and introducing cross-merchandising. Globalisation followed with growing focus on Asia. With Embryform, the Hong Kong based Chinese market leader, studies followed about the changed in mentality of Chinese women towards lingerie, resulting in two new Embryform brands Comfit and Liza Cheng, and a very successful IPO of Embryform.

As Creative Director of Triumph International, Jos was responsible for their DNA & creative handwriting and creation of iconic bestsellers.

Since 2016, Jos concentrates on developing Concepts Paris, growing the Design Concepts trend book business, consultancy and design projects.

'Lingerie like music is a mirror of life. We have seen that again crystal clear during Covid lockdowns. I switched in the Seventies to a lingerie specialisation after I conducted a research into women and their bras. Fashion in lingerie is a complex mix of look and feel. In the 35 years we fine tuned a lingerie specialisation centred on time relevant comfort and enhancing adornment. With these skills we are unique - we now need to improve our digital prowess and reach out and inspire a new generation of talents whom with us believe that lingerie is not about quick fashion fixes, but about knowledge and connections with the ultimate goal to create female confidence. Lingerie empowers!'